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Minggu, 14 Juni 2009

Scholarship and University

With economi at this time in a lot of growth in education from the various government and private sector.
With the development at this time many children who do not know want to choose the education which will be later in tempu for their future. we see now in this time many children drop out of school, this is all because of the high price of education, the causes of dropping out of school dropouts from this is that once the children of unemployed in different cities. We can see themselves in the capital Jakarta.
Although the killing of all unemployment in the capital alone there are still a lot of unemployment continue to run. Until the government does not want to know what and how do i have to release unemployment to avoid dropping out of school and avoid poverty.
Finally, the government continue with the scholarships and free school for children who can not afford. In order to achieve a higher education and for the future of those in the future.
So the "Create brothers brothers who want to continue higher education at the University in local and foreign, which provides scholarships for various majors in the interest of relatives can:

Scholarships for:
• S1
• S2
• D1
• D2
• D3
• Master
Brother sister can see on the right to select barbagai University in and outside the nation that provides scholarships to children and school students who want to continue his career in Universitan Information Technology, University of Languages, Università Economics, University of Law and others, because of the relative economic brother can not proceed to higher levels. all these economic problems. So "to make it easier for relatives to the appropriate areas of the University of brother brother, sister and brother can see the selected direction in accordance with the brothers.
Hopefully useful for relatives who want to find relatives in scholarship and foreign.


In order to learn at following contribution preparation and development of Human Resource, PT.NATIONAL Gobel launch Bursary Program of National Panasonic India Schcolarship (NPSI) and meant to give stimulation of Appreciation to all student to have high achievement in areas of academic, and also assist student coming from economic faction society less adequate so that / to be they earn to maintain achievement which have been reached or even more out for the increasing of. First phase of this bursary in pe to collapse and student of strata-1 (S1) which is elaborating of Iformasi Technology (electronics area / weak electrical current, computer / informatics, industrial technique, computing or mathematics), and also Environmental Technique .. .

Your Information wishing you as complete as can be seen here:
http://www.panasonic.co.id/NPSI.htm. (can enlist online / internet pass.
Select Panasonic Scholarship for the Master program of the University in Japan To Enthusiastic can enlist to pass / through website:

For the information of kunnjungi also:

html http://www.matsushita.co.jp/scholarship/index.e.html

Hopefully this info Bursary still continue and can enlist, But "if your clearer inquiring you, you you earn To contact SMART CLUB over there you earn you clearer about mengathui Information bursary.
You can also contact to pass / through enamel: smartindo2@yahoo.co.id. You contact you earn benefit of SMART CLUB very many. Hopefully succeed .....